The Dog Wizard trained both my dogs - Maggie and Bella. I first contacted the Dog Wizard after Bella inexplicably attached Maggie on three occasions - after living peacefully together for two years. Bella also had a few other issues - such as NEVER wanting to go walking - she thought home was the best place ever. Maggie suffered from a severe lack of confidence, especially after the attacks from Bella. Today, my two peacefully coexist together. Bella spent almost a month with Patrick addressing her problems, and then also becoming muzzle trained for Maggie's safety. Today, Bella is elated to go walking - she sees me get her collar and she can't wait to go! We pass other dogs barking, and Bella never even acknowledges them. She went walking outside of our neighborhood for the first time in five years after coming home from the Dog Wizard - now we do it every morning. She also loves to show her talents "placing" on bleachers and picnic tables!

Micah Belk,