I originally took my 14 month old dog, Banjo, to the Louisville Dog Wizard for the 2 week program to learn how to be "off leash reliable". We are moving to Hawaii soon and I want to be able to take full advantage of the dog beaches without having to worry about him running off or getting into something he shouldn't. I kept putting the training off because I was afraid that it would change his personality and he would not be the same goofy, quirky, lovable dog. Boy, was I wrong! The confidence and new skills that he gained has made him SO much more of a joy to be around and I feel that he is finally reaching his full potential. I get compliments on how awesome he is everywhere we go! When we have elderly visitors, small children, or just the occasional weirdo who doesn't like dogs, I no longer have to worry about this 80 lb. ball of energy bowling them over. He can wait patiently until guests decide they want to greet or play with him.

Lindsay McCloud,