I can't say enough about Patrick and what he did for our family!!! Rescuing dogs you never know what they have been through before you get them - Roxy was with us for almost 2 years before she became very aggressive with our other dog. We weren't sure if she would remain in our home but we contacted Patrick and he worked his magic!!! She has had no issues and is a totally different dog after going to "camp" with the Dog Wizard for 2 weeks! I am so thankful for Patrick and his help in keeping my "baby" in our home with my human and other fur children!! Thank you a million times over!!!!!! 🙂

Lynette Sullivan,

When I adopted Lottie, she had been through a lot as a pup. Because of everything she had gone through, she was a happy puppy, but poorly behaved. She would bark constantly, chase other dogs and cars, run out the door the minute it opened, beg for food, and pulled really bad on a leash. If the leash was dropped, she was gone for 40 minutes before she would wear herself out enough for me to catch her. I was afraid she was beginning to think her name was "No No Bad Dog" or something along those lines. Thankfully, the Louisville Dog Wizard came to our rescue. Since the completion of her training, Lottie is like a completely different dog! I can (and frequently do) walk her without holding the leash. She follows directions and rarely chases cars, people or other dogs. If the door opens, she no longer even thinks of bolting out the door or if she does, she stops on the doormat and comes right back in.

Bredna Feeny,

I originally took my 14 month old dog, Banjo, to the Louisville Dog Wizard for the 2 week program to learn how to be "off leash reliable". We are moving to Hawaii soon and I want to be able to take full advantage of the dog beaches without having to worry about him running off or getting into something he shouldn't. I kept putting the training off because I was afraid that it would change his personality and he would not be the same goofy, quirky, lovable dog. Boy, was I wrong! The confidence and new skills that he gained has made him SO much more of a joy to be around and I feel that he is finally reaching his full potential. I get compliments on how awesome he is everywhere we go! When we have elderly visitors, small children, or just the occasional weirdo who doesn't like dogs, I no longer have to worry about this 80 lb. ball of energy bowling them over. He can wait patiently until guests decide they want to greet or play with him.

Lindsay McCloud,

The Dog Wizard trained both my dogs - Maggie and Bella. I first contacted the Dog Wizard after Bella inexplicably attached Maggie on three occasions - after living peacefully together for two years. Bella also had a few other issues - such as NEVER wanting to go walking - she thought home was the best place ever. Maggie suffered from a severe lack of confidence, especially after the attacks from Bella. Today, my two peacefully coexist together. Bella spent almost a month with Patrick addressing her problems, and then also becoming muzzle trained for Maggie's safety. Today, Bella is elated to go walking - she sees me get her collar and she can't wait to go! We pass other dogs barking, and Bella never even acknowledges them. She went walking outside of our neighborhood for the first time in five years after coming home from the Dog Wizard - now we do it every morning. She also loves to show her talents "placing" on bleachers and picnic tables!

Micah Belk,