Rescue Dog Rehab

We get to work with just as many rescue dogs as we do pure breed dogs, and they are just as trainable. Sometimes rescuing a dog can be an adventure, due to the unknown of the dog’s past.  Luckily dogs are some of the most resilient creatures on earth, so most of their problems can be worked through, once we show them the correct direction. It is extremely rewarding to witness a dog that has been neglected and sheltered from the world experience fun things like going to the park or swimming in the lake!

Abused Dogs

Many rescue dogs have been abused, so us humans have to earn back trust that has been lost along the way. Not all abuse is “physical”, countless dogs are abused “mentally” from simply being neglected or not properly socialized. These dogs are typically scared of EVERYTHING. Something as simple as a trashcan out of place can make a poorly socialized dog a nervous wreck. Due to their lack of socialization, they have experienced very little, so they get nervous when anything is out of sorts. These dogs have a hard time traveling or going places where most dogs would love to go. Sometimes you find these owners “prisoners” to their dog because they are their dog’s only source of comfort, which makes them not want to travel or even go out to dinner. Fortunately, we can help these dogs tremendously. Through training with our team, we will give them confidence like they have never had, and then we will introduce them to the world they have been missing out on!

Bouncing off the Wall Dogs

On the other end of the spectrum, the poorly socialized dog can also be bouncing off the walls. These dogs have typically been bounced around from home to home because of their bad manners: jumping, bolting off, pulling on the leash, and chewing the house down. 99% of these dogs have never been shown the proper way to do things, so they associate attention with bad manners. This type of dog usually gets very little freedom because the owners are afraid of what can happen. They are usually so cooped up it is understandable why they are bouncing off the walls! Through our dog obedience training programs, we will show them the right way how to get attention and freedom – you will truly be AMAZED in the difference!

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