Our Puppy Programs are great for dogs that are 8 weeks to 6 months of age. We offer both in home one on one lessons and board and train options that cover all of the following;

  • Basic Obedience
  • Dog Socialization
  • Object Socialization
  • Playtime
  • Housebreaking
  • Health and Safety
  • Curbing Problem Behaviors
  • And More!

These programs are designed to give you and your family a great foundation in life so you can ensure your dog is a happy and successful part of your family


Our Freedom Programs are one on one in home lessons that are geared toward dogs that are 6 months or older. We offer both on and off leash options.

  • Basic on-leash obedience
  • Leash handling skills/loose leash walking/heel
  • Come, place, sit, down
  • Minor behavior issues
  • Off Leash Obedience
  • Several lessons will be at high distracting areas like a park
  • Reaches full off leash reliability with your dog
  • Teach obedience commands: Heel, Come, Sit, Down, and Place
  • Tests big distractions to make sure reliable
  • Includes unlimited lessons until we reach our goals
  • Included unlimited group lessons for the life of your dog



Our Home-Front Program is a board and train option where your dog comes and lives and trains with one of our trainers in their home. It is great for dogs that are 6 months or older, dogs with severe behavioral problems that can not be resolved in the home or just simply if you don’t have the time to meet for weekly lessons!

  • Your dog will stay with us for 14-21 days
  • Will live the life of us and our dogs
  • Reaches full off leash reliability
  • This is typically the best option for dogs with severe aggression. Teach obedience commands.
  • Heel, Come, Sit, Down, Place, Stay and Off.
  • Will practice and proof commands all over Louisville: Cherokee, Seneca, Waterfront Park, etc, as well as pet stores and busy areas like The Highlands
  • Will get to socialize and play with other dogs
  • Numerous photos of your dog while he is away demonstrating progress
  • Includes unlimited follow up and group lessons for the life of your dog



We encourage everyone to do research on obedience programs and not to base your decision on price only. You need to put more emphasis on results. After all, you will only be happy if you reach your goals (no matter how much you spend). Our obedience programs range in price from $500 – $4000. We offer free evaluations, so we can meet your dog to determine exactly which program would be best to reach your goals.