Treats? No treats? Collars? No collars? Praise or not enough praise? Positive or negative reinforcement? All methods claim to create the “perfect dog.” The truth is most methods have proven to get varied amounts of success, but few have actually proven the ability to withstand different circumstances, settings, and conditions.

Our Dog Trainers at Louisville Dog Wizard, we are knowledgeable of all proven training methods. After our free evaluation process, we will educate you on the pros and cons of each method and make a professional recommendation regarding which style will produce the results you desire. The most important part is NOT that your dog learns the “Come” command, but that he will do it, regardless of circumstance. In other words, what good is the “Come” command if your dog will only perform it in a controlled environment? The same is true for every command. For example, anyone can teach their dog to “Sit” on the kitchen floor, but can you get your dog to “Sit” at the park as other people, dogs, and kids walk by? Your dog should listen to you, regardless of where you are; kitchen, the local park, or in the middle of a three ring circus. The owner also plays a major role in the success of any dog obedience program. We can teach your dog to perform for us, but our specialty lies in the ability to transfer these skills to you and every member of your family regardless of age, size, or strength (as long as he or she can speak clearly or give hand signals).


Our “recipe for success” has produced successful results for hundreds of dogs. Together, we will teach your dog things you probably didn’t know he was capable of learning. You’ll obtain an obedient, trustworthy, and calmer companion for the rest of your lives. Sure, a reliable dog makes your life easier, but most importantly your dog’s life will get a lot better. Why? Because when you are washing your car in the driveway he can sit right next to you, without worries of him running off. Now, he can go to the soccer and football games as opposed to staying at home in the back yard. He can now be inside when guests are visiting without jumping on them. Again, we cannot emphasize enough that obedience awards freedom in the dog world. Your best friend will be forever grateful for this gift and the bond you will build in the process is priceless.

We look forward to working with you and your dog!